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Wooden Roof Trusses

We design, manufacture, deliver

and assemble the roof

trusses for your house.


Quality prechecked in the factory before delivery. Detailed engineering, no mistakes. No contact with humidity.


All the work for putting truss framing together is done in the factory. After delivery is minimal work on site.


No mistakes, less time, checked quality - all add up to saving some extra money for your family holiday.


The frame is fixed together using a hydraulic press. The framed construction is always stronger than rafters.

Perforated Steel Plates

Trusses made of wood are fabricated with the elements attached to each other with perforated stainless steel plates.

Truss Materials

Hydraulic Press

The process involves using a high-force hydraulic press to evenly join the truss elements on one side into one rigid unit.


In this way, wood and metal are 
maximized, resulting in a durable, 
long-lasting product.

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