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Sales:, +37069963320



Office & Factory: Geležinkelio pylimo g. 4, 96157 Gargždai, Lietuva



Reg. no.: 302668243

VAT no.: LT100006383310

Gelezinkelio pylimo g. 4, 96157 Gargzdai, Lietuva

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About Us

For many years we have been observing and learning from experts of timber frame manufacturers around the world. Exploring what the clients want and what the manufacturer can provide at their very best. And finally, we started producing modular timber frame houses in 2020. Although our experience in construction as a company may seem too short, the teams assigned to every stage of the project, from sales to construction, have been successfully working in this field for a very long time. We appreciate your trust, thus in return, we offer great customer service, quality materials, and an easy overall construction experience!

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