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Modular Tiny Houses

Nowadays the house trends are switching towards smaller, easier, faster. And here comes modular volumetric buildings. People are working remotely and wishing for their own office in the backyard, or their workshop space. Nevertheless, we all love camping, getaways, and saunas. All of it fits perfectly in two words modular volumetric. 

We have designs ready for you
In need of a custom tiny house?

Sketch your design

To start with, you only need to sketch your vision for us on a piece of paper and send it over. Small houses usually do not require a building permit and detailed drawings, but we advise everyone to check with local authorities as each country has its own regulations.

Send it to us

Let's discuss your intent to use this little house and your needs. Based on our knowledge and experience we will make the best suggestions. We will help you pick the materials, and suggest the best design choices to find out the most optimal solution for you in terms of functionality and budget.

Let's make it modular

We will make your sketch and vision into modular construction. We will engineer it so that it can be lifted as one piece or divided into a few modules to be easily connected on site. The aim of modular construction is to have as little work for you on-site as possible.

Get a Quote

Contact us to get a free quote for your modular house project

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